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Director/Librarian: Lori Swiercinsky
Assistant Librarian: Shelbie Swiercinsky

Board President: Estel Edwards
Vice President: Bernie Cario
Secretary: Gladys Baxa
Treasure: Tammy Thompson
Members: Shelly Savely, Marilyn Abel, & Laverna Huncovsky

Library Board Meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of the Month! Meetings are at the library and begin at 7 PM

Everyone is welcome to attend!!
Hello everyone,

The Hillcrest Library is still open at this time, during the pandemic circling the globe.  If you feel you do not want to visit the library, just call and I will gather your books and set them outside for you.  If you are need anyother service, please contact the library and we will see what we can do for you!

Meeting Room

The library meeting room will be open for use by any non profit club, group or organization in the community that needs a place to meet. Meetings in the library meeting room shall be open to all members of the community without charge. Closed meeting will not be allowed. Food and beverages may be served in the meeting room. Cleanup will be the responsibility of the organization using the room.

Rules of Conduct

In order for all patrons and students to enjoy full use of the library, they are asked to observe the following:

1. Please be quiet.
2. No obscene, profane or abusive language.
3  Service Dog Allowed
4. No alcohol or illegal substances.
5. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult or teenage sibling.
6. Return items in a timely manner so others my check them out

Internet Policy

The Hillcrest Public Library is concerned for the safety and security of the users who access online information. The Library has no control over the content of the Internet and cannot be held responsible for what the user sees when connected to the Internet. The restriction of a minors access to the the Internet beyond that required by this policy is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. The safety and security of users accessing the Internet require those persons to be cautious, thoughtful, protective of personal information and respectful of library policy, state and federal laws.

Inter Library Loans

If our library does not own the book or etc that you are wanting, we may be able to borrow it from another library in the state.If an item borrowed from another library arrives for you, the library will contact you for pick up.When you are through with the item you may return it to our library and we will return it to the lending library.Check out is usually 3 weeks.We now have library cards that may be used at other librariesYou can now search and order your own books on ILL

After School Reading Program

At this time, with the pandemic circling the globe, the Hillcrest Lilbrary will not be hosting story time until further notice.  This is for the safety of our patrons and their children.  Stay home and be safe.  I will inform everyone when story time will begin.  Thank you  for your services. 

Story time at the Hillcrest Library is every other Saturday, startine January 4th for the 2020 year.  It will begin at 10 am, lasting approximately 45 minutes.

The children will enjoy stories, crafts and snacks.